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Protect your vehicle with Custom Paint Protection film installation in Charlotte, NC

Paint Protection Films (PPF) protects your vehicle from scratches, scrapes, and other minor exterior damages. Atlantic Wraps offers the best paint protection film installation in Charlotte, NC, to protect your cars stunning look.

Our PPF is either custom pattern pre-cut in-house using the latest technology and equipment, or a complete custom bulk install, allowing us to provide a custom installation that suit your needs. Even better, our PPF is self-healing –– meaning if you encounter any minor scratches or light swirls damage on your car's paint, it'll likely disappear over time with a light heat application.


Paint protection film installation on a McLaren in Charlotte, NC

Benefits of Paint Protection Film You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

  • Prevents mineral deposits and acid rain from destroying the original paint
  • Prevents harmful UV rays to maintain the paint’s clarity
  • Prevents chemical stains and etching
  • Protects from rock chips
  • Self-heals from small scratches
  • Keeps the vehicle looking newer for longer, maintaining its resale value

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Expert Paint Protection Film Installers
We’re dedicated to providing quality above anything else. In fact, our certified PPF installers in Charlotte, NC, are the benchmark for quality custom installs, with either full bulk installation, or modified patterns, every install has complete attention to detail.

Unmatched Protection
We offer the most technically-advanced paint protection film (PPF) in Charlotte, NC. With a ceramic top coat, and self healing properties, the advancement of technology in the film industry is unprecedented with STEK film. We also offer a third party warranty that covers paint damage from normal size rocks that may have penetrated the film and damaged the paint. Your panel will be repainted, film re-installed up to $3,500 along with 3 days of rental car.

Satisfactorily Results
Our wrapped edge installations, glass like self healing top coat,  and ceramic hydrophobic properties make this a must on your new or even classic vehicle!

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When it comes to protecting your vehicle to look new, clear paint protection film is the most extensive and durable solution. Atlantic Wraps is your go-to local paint protection film installer in Charlotte, NC. Ask about our third party warranty that covers paint damage should a rock penetrate the film!

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Expert Paint Protection Film Installation in Charlotte, NC