4 Ways to Protect Your Tesla’s Paint

Tesla Paint Protection Film

If you’ve invested in a Tesla, you want to make sure you take every possible step to keep it in pristine condition. One of your worries might be keeping the beautiful finish on your car’s paint free of damage. Here we offer five ways to protect your Tesla’s paint.

1. Paint Protection Film


Custom Paint Protection film offers exceptional protection against minor exterior damage. Using the latest technology, the film is custom cut, or can be a completely custom installed to fit your Tesla like a glove. The film is produced with a self-healing coating that resists scratches and damage better than any other coating. The custom paint protection film offers many benefits including the prevention of mineral deposits and acid rain from eating away at your Tesla’s paint.

The film also provides UV ray protection, so your Tesla maintains its original paint’s brilliance and clarity. Damage caused by various cleansing products such as stains or etching effects can also be prevented. Your vehicle looks newer, longer because it is protected against common issues such as rock chips.

Its self-healing properties reduce the appearance of small scratches that can dull your car’s finish. Your Tesla maintains its value longer because the finish continues to look new. Paint protection film uses advanced technology and a ceramic top coat to protect your car combining the strength and shine of a ceramic topcoat, with the healing properties of the wrap. The STEK film is state of the art and also comes with an impressive 10-year warranty.

Paint Protection Film for Tesla

2. Ceramic Coating


This is an excellent option to protect your Tesla as it uses a durable coating suitable for all weather. It keeps up your Tesla’s “just driven off the lot” shine, and can last two or five years. It won’t wash off regardless of the weather. Made of silica dioxide, not only does a ceramic coating repel water, but it is also very resistant to all kinds of road debris.

This helps keep your car’s finish low maintenance. This ceramic coating should only be applied at a shop as many coating applications require a clean and climate-controlled environment. This product isn’t a good choice for you if you’re looking for a DIY coating. On the downside, this can be a very expensive solution and since it only lasts between two and five years, so you may have to do it again. Also, just keep in mind, coatings do not make your Tesla scratch-proof. You’ll also have to be careful when washing your ceramic coating as it can be affected by certain chemicals that will eat away at the finish.

As a result of an incompatible wash solution, you’ll start to notice markings where you applied and wiped away the cleaner. Last but not least, this type of coating is really only suited for newer cars or where paint correction will make the finish “like new”, prior to application. This coating can actually draw attention to the wear and tear of an older car’s finish.

3. Polymer Sealants


Polymer Sealants are highly durable and far more tolerant than wax. Many drivers appreciate the sealant option as they are far more affordable. You can also apply them yourself and make a pretty good job of it due to their easy-to-use consistency. This is something you need to apply at least every six months to get the best results. So, while polymer sealants have a lower price tag upfront, since you need to apply them often, and do the work yourself, it can add up both in cost and time invested. You also won’t see the same results as you would with highly durable professionally applied ceramic coatings.

4. Wax


This old standby has long been the coating of choice for car lovers. Carnuba Wax is an old-school solution that dedicated drivers spend time lovingly applying to their cars to keep up the shine and add some protection. However, it has to be applied every three months which is a lot of work. It also only offers moderate protection that starts to decrease in effectiveness as early as six weeks. In hotter temperatures the wax actually becomes softer, so your protection is reduced. You’ll also see some blotching when the wax heats up which ruins the sheen of your Tesla’s finish. A lot of elbow grease is required to keep up that sheen when using wax.

Why Your Tesla Needs Protective PPF


Your entire car is susceptible to damage every time you take it out on the road. Areas such as the hood, mirrors, fenders, and bumpers are even more vulnerable to risks such as scuffs and chips from flying debris. Although your Tesla’s shine will last for many years to come, without protection against common dangers, it is more likely to fade, scratch, or get rock chips sooner than you’d like. If a protected panel does get scuffed, it has done its job and protected your paint! Simply have the film removed and replaced at a minimal cost compared to pain the panel and adding diminished value to your vehicle. Ask about our warranty that will repaint any covered panel at no charge, at your choice of shop, if a rock that damages the paint under the film!

When you add a such as custom paint protection film, it bonds to the original factory paint without causing discoloration or damage. Instead, it gives your car’s surface a boost of added strength that also helps repel rocks and debris. Maintenance becomes easier as the coating is also better at repelling dirt and requires minimal wiping to maintain its shine. You’ll have a well-protected car that will keep its gloss longer and won’t require re-application for up to 10 years as the film has a ten-year warranty when properly maintained.

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